People keep asking me what my new project is about (the new “book” I’m writing) — I say it that way because I’m allowing it to become whatever it may become. It’s simply something I’ve been moved to write.

But when I lay out the subject, people tend to nod and provide opinion on it (which is always welcome), but I’ve had to smile because the already predisposed opinion of the subject has taken hold in their mind.

Coming into one scene today, I had to write this out in order to process it all properly, because I found myself trying to put it somewhere it didn’t belong. So, here it is. A little “jogging out the madness” so I can set my sights to the real inspiration.


“It’s amazing to me how the most sacred, beautiful, thing in this world has been torn apart. Strewn through the ages, mashed up, picked at – made an embarrassment, politicized, sterilized.

Women bleed.

Women create life through the bleeding.

Women go through loss in that bleeding.

Women sustain this world with that bleeding.

We bleed to renew our body to make way for the life to come. And it is to be hidden as much as possible. It is taken advantage of.

And when that cycle is interrupted in most celebratory of occasions – when life had been made – it is a “condition”. To be treated. Not educated. Not sustained.

We have forgotten the celebration.

We have forgotten miracle.

We have forgotten the blessing.

We have forgotten what it is.

And if you’re mind just went “Yes, that’s right! No one should ever abort….” You’ve been got. Because you’re forgetting one very precious, very important part of all of this in the blindness that the enemy has given us.

You forget the WOMAN.

She isn’t celebrated. She isn’t rejoiced. She isn’t educated. She has been told enough to allow her understanding to be manipulated about her own body and the process of the one she is making.

We grow up as girls hiding our menstruation, hiding our blood, hiding our bodies, hiding our purpose and then when the miracle of conception happens – we are asked the condition so we may judge or rejoice. And even in the rejoice there is the judgement. Even among ourselves! You’re not sick enough. You’re not big enough. You’re too big. You’re too weak. You’re too sad. Do this. Take this. Just you wait.

And then we wonder at the loss of life – both intentional and unintentional. And we shake our heads. And I shake my head – because we have forgotten. We’ve been manipulated to believe we’re having the conversation – when we have forgotten what the conversation is about.”


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